Recreation in Rush County

La Crosse Golf Course

Rush County offers a variety of recreational opportunities. There are several tree-lined parks that provide a great opportunity for camping, picnicing, or just relaxing. Many with playground equipment for the children. There are two public swimming pools, and one private pool to cool off during the summer. Tennis courts, and disc golf courses offer year-round opportunity for exercise and social interaction.
In the fall, the area is widely known for a variety of hunting opportunities including pheasant and deer.

  • Rec Fishing


    Stone Lake, LaCrosse - Fishing is one of the activities most enjoyed in our community. Local fishing offers a relaxing past-time in which you can lay back and let the sounds of lapping water wash your stress away. In addition to Stone Lake, there are many private fishing ponds.
    For licensing information, contact Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

  • Rec Golf

    Golf Courses •LaCrosse Country Club, 202 E. 1st Street, La Crosse
       semi-private (membership or green fee)
       9-hole sand green - 2810 yards
    •McCracken Municpal Golf Course, E. Beech Ave. and Jefferson St., McCracken
       9-hole sand green - par 35, 2800 yards

  • Rec Hunting

    Hunting Located within Rush County are several walk-in hunting areas. Deer and pheasant are abundant in the fall, make your plans to come out our way. Quail, as always are present in good numbers. Contact Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, (316) 672-5911. For license information and a list of walk-in hunting areas, contact Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks.

  • Rec Parks

    Parks •City Park, 1st. St. & Ash Ave, Bison
    •City Park, 4th & Main Street, La Crosse
    •Grass Park, W. 3rd St., La Crosse
    •City Park, Maple & Washington St., McCracken
    •City Park, Main Street, Otis
    •Timken City Park, Locust St., Timken •Roadside Park, K-96 Hwy, Alexander
    •City Park, Walnut & Union Street, Rush Center

  • Rec Clubs

    Sportsman's Activities •Baker Memorial Sportsmans Club, Trap Shooting & Pistol Range, E. Hwy 4, La Crosse
    •Grass Park Disc Golf Course, W. 4th Street, La Crosse
    •City Park Disc Golf Course, 1st & Ash Ave., Bison

  • Rec Swimming

    Swimming Pools •Municipal Pool, 4th & Main Street, La Crosse
    •Municipal Pool, Jefferson & Beech Street, McCracken
    •Swimming Pool, 306 5th Street, Otis (membership required)

  • Rec Tennis

    Tennis Courts •Public Tennis Court, 2nd & Front Street, Bison
    •Public Tennis Court, W. 4th Street, La Crosse
    •Public Tennis Court, S. Main Street, Otis