Preserving our Heritage...

Postrock Museum The Rush County Historical Society was originally organized in March of 1960 for the purpose of promoting a county observance of the Kansas centennial celebration. The society became inactive at the conclusion of the festivities until being reactivated in 1962 and incorporated in May 1963 with plans to develop a museum to preserve the history and tell the story of Post Rock. The first officers of the society were Roy Ehly, president; Oliver Wilhelm, vice-president; Harry Grass, secretary, and Stan Merrill, treasurer.

Historical Museum

In 1975, the Society acquired the former Santa Fe depot in Timken and moved it to Grass Park in LaCrosse. On April 17, 1983, the building was dedicated as the Rush County Historical Museum. On exhibit are a selection of the tools, clothing, and other artifacts that depict the history and lifestyle of the county's residents. In recent years the building has undergone a series of improvements including a more authentic paint scheme and expanded research facilities.

Nekoma Bank Museum

In May of 2003, the Society moved the former Nekoma State Bank building to their complex in Grass Park. Dedication ceremonies were held in May 2007. The interior of the bank has been fully restored to become a museum of rural banking. The museum's period lobby featuring the original 1916 counter and early 20th century furnishings immerses the visitor into a world of rural banking from long ago.

School Museum

The Society's newest acquisition is the Pleasant Point One-Room School. This early 20th-century one-room school was moved from its rural Rush County location south of Nekoma to the museum complex in La Crosse. It is one of the last remaining from a time when there were over 80 school districts in the county of less than 10,000 people. Preserved within the school are most of the original furnishings, library and educational artifacts.

Continuing to Grow...

Rush County Courthouse

In addition to maintaining three historic properties, the Society continues to actively pursue the preservation of Rush County history and county historic sites with ongoing research and preservation efforts. The Society also has a long-term goal of constructing a permanent exhibition facility to properly conserve and display the growing number of artifacts in the collections.

More Ways to Learn...

Barbed Wire Museum The Kansas Barbed Wire Museum is also located on the Rush County Historical Society campus. The museum, originally established downtown in 1970, presents interesting ways to learn about one of the midwest's most important contributions to America's history. Interpretive exhibits help to conjure up images of settling the midwest, range wars between homesteaders and cattlemen, and the transformation of the open prairie into America's bread basket. It is operated by the Kansas Barbed Wire Collectors Association, Inc.

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Special EventsJoin us for more special events. Check out our Events Page for archives of past programs and a schedule of upcoming events.

Help us to bring a new level of education to our youth as we introduce our newest property, the Pleasant Point One-Room School on our museum campus. To learn more visit our Pleasant Point School page.

School Group Tours Program

Special school group tours are available each year. Participating classes receive classroom materials and supplies. Programs are available for all ages. Let us help you. For more information, check out our school tours page.

County History Resources (NEW)

Collections online! You can now access our collection databases online. You can also view and download or purchase photographs from the museum collections.

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Genealogists and researchers, we now have downloadable research and tourism guides. These guides provide location information and contact information to help you learn more about our county's history.

      Downloadable Guides in PDF format:
      Rush County Cemeteries - GPS Locations & Driving Information
      Rush County Museums & Historic Sites - Location & Contact Information
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      Access the “Rush County Tourism Information Guides”

Veterans of Rush County

At the 2014 Rush County Fair the Historical Society began the process of collecting photos and images of all Rush County Veterans. “Veterans of Rush County” is a database containing photos of individuals who have ties to Rush County and have served in the military. Veterans do not have to have been born in Rush County, but only need to have been a past or present resident of the county. The Society is also recording a short biography of each individual including rank, dates of service, awards, and other pertinent information. All of the information will be placed into the Society Archives. If you or a family member wish to be included, you are invited to download Details & Rules and an Information Form.

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